Don’t Forget — 2nd Annual Cloud Computing World Forum

2nd Annual Cloud Computing World Forum 29th June to 1st July 2010 Olympia Conference Centre, London Advertisements

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Amazon Web Services

New from Amazon Web Services

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Independent IT Researcher Currently Concentrating on Cloud Computing, Utility Computing, Grid Computing, Virtualization, and currently, “Green” Computing. Quarter-Century of IT Research & Development. Initially Focused on UNIX (& UNIX derived) System & Application Programming and Product Development.

Early on I bought into Sun Mircosystems’ core motto; “The network is the computer”. I have had an active interest in “cloud computing” since the days I spent building and selling SPARC clones for Mars Microsystems and Tatung Science & Technology, Inc. (TSTI) in the late eighty’s and ninety’s.

This blog will explore a little history, work on definitions, provide limited tutorials, and serve as a springboard for others wishing to conduct research, or track this potentially “disruptive technology”. I’ll also roll my older Utility Computing Blog articles in as appropriate.

As a researcher I am currently investigating the “greening” of IT, is it a passing fad or reality. Over the next few months I will roll out a “Green” specific Cloud Computing blog.

As always, I will provide an open forum for civil commentary. (Uncivilized rants and raves not my own, will be summarily deleted!)


“Stay hungry, stay foolish” – Steve Jobs

“Still hungry, still foolish, and loving it” – Frank Dupre


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